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"Brenda Ellis is an excellent massage therapist.  Because of my visits with her, my muscles are relaxed and my monthly headaches are gone.  Brenda is well-versed in the latest massage techniques, treats each client with respect, and adapts her approach to the client's individual needs.  I have recommended Brenda to many of my friends and acquaintances.  She's a gem."
- Deana M.
"Brenda is an excellent Massage Therapist who uses up-to-date techniques for improving circulation and stretching out tight muscles with patience and persistence, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  Brenda also teaches ways to stay rejuvenated to help improve your overall Health and Wellness.  Make a plan to eliminate stress in your life...start with calling Brenda today!"
- Cynthia P.
"Due to massage therapy by Brenda Ellis, my pain and back problems have eased and greatly improved.  Back and neck pain have been a part of my life for 40+ years, and I have arthritis in my neck.  I have been treated by chiropractors and other massage therapists, but Brenda has brought me more relief than ever before and any of those therapies.  I have been especially helped by the myofascial release treatments.  It has realigned my body and relaxed me so that muscles that were tight and hurting have freed up.  I highly recommend having a massage and myofascial release treatment from Brenda at BrEASE Massage and Bodywork."
- Karen R.
"I had my doubts that therapeutic massage could make any real difference in how I felt but Brenda has made me a believer!  My first major problem I presented her with was hip pain that sent pain down my thigh to my knee.  It was so painful at night that I had to sleep sitting up many nights.  Brenda used pressure on the affected areas and the pain gradually subsided.  After several treatments, the pain relief began lasting longer until now it is completely gone.  The maintenance sessions have kept me free of that pain.  Now I am finding that she is relieving muscle tensions that I didn't realize I had.  My daughter and son-in-law, whom I hadn't seen for six months, recently remarked that my posture has certainly improved.  I am convinced that Brenda's therapeutic massages have improved my joint flexibility and loosened tight muscles.  I would certainly recommend her techniques and her expertise."
- Larry T.
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